Our Name

MedXPrime Revenue Recovery is also known as “mr2”. mr2 means we always strive to deliver our services to the highest power. We go to the greatest lengths and expend our greatest efforts, multiplying our resources to ensure our clients’ full satisfaction. These are not mere words; we have developed this as a culture within the MedXPrime family of services since the inception of our company.

Our Team

Focuses on “one-percenters” that many billing companies rarely target. Our highly prioritized and proactive communication via regular, updated reporting keeps clients informed. We strive to maximize your income, increase your monthly cash flow and help recover thousands of dollars in lost A/R.

mr2 provides billing services for all physician specialties, as well as hospitals, laboratories, dialysis units, outpatient rehabilitation facilities, and home health care facilities. We work with large and small groups as well as individual practices.

Humbly… we bring experience that is hard to match!

Our Distinct Differentiators:

  • Highly Competitive Pricing – with our extensive knowledge, experience and service, clients are amazed at the low cost for our services
  • Bulldog Tenacity – we work dollars as if they were ours
  • We prove our abilities by providing a labor intensive “No-Cost A/R Analysis”
  • Absolute Accessibility – we are extremely responsive and proactively communicate
  • We do nothing without clients understanding and approval
  • Never arbitrarily “write off” clients’ money without their approval
  • Bottom line: “Total Transparency & Total Clarity”
  • Extremely compliance driven – absolute highest priority

Need we say more?

Many companies tout their successes but can they deliver on projects with a high success rate?

Our team works with the bulldog tenacity necessary to get your A/R cleaned up, and to keep it from growing out of hand in the future.

Our team’s experIENCE includes:

  • All medical specialties as well as Dialysis Centers, Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Centers, home health facilities, hospitals and laboratories.
  • Medicare/Medicaid Revenue Cycle Management, as well as most Commercial insurances
  • Managing commercial appeals, Medicare appeals, ADRs
  • Specialty A/R collections such as Third-Party Liability, Workers Compensation and Medicare Secondary Payer claims
  • Analyzing accounts receivable to formulate effective plans of action for A/R clean-up projects
  • Reading, interpreting and negotiating Insurance Contracts and Fee Schedules to ensure physicians are fully paid for services provided.

Why do most medical billing companies choose not to focus on insurance A/R?

It is extremely time intensive and complex; very few billing companies have the knowledge and experience to analyze and recover the unpaid A/R. This is a major differentiator between MedXPrime Revenue Recovery and other companies.

A recent study by the American Medical Association found that medical practices spend almost $15,000 annually on phone calls, investigative work, and claims appeals associated with reworking claims, only to be unsuccessful in maintaining satisfactory collections. This is in addition to the millions of dollars left on the table every single year due to under-reimbursement.

Why are we so successful in collecting on old claims?

We understand the issues that cause denials:

  • Incomplete or incorrect coding, bundled services, pre-authorizations or referral not obtained, demographic errors on claims, failure to prove medical necessity, missed timely filing deadlines.

mr2 has a solid understanding of corrective actions to take regardless of the denial reason given. Our team’s track record and experience in this area are what set us apart from the competition.

We can not only potentially collect on old claims but the information we share helps the client in reducing denials in the future.